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A big thanks to last_famous_words for the solutions!

Night at the Museum Trivia is one of those easy games which you can get 1400np each day. The game has two parts, first there are the questions which (if all answered correctly) you can get 300np from each game, then there is a stamp collecting game, if all 6 stamps are found you get 500np, you can also get 100np each from sending challenge cards, but you can only send 3 times a day.


– How are Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals related? Two Different Species
– The name Tyrannosaurus Rex is latin for what? Tyrant Lizard King

* My quotes have the the little wave things on the side*

Maximum140’s Msg Board Title: Answer this Life Changing Question Question And Win! Only Accepting First Ten Ppl! Neo-Mail Me!

The e-mail I sent to her:

Lolz. Ok, what is this “life changing question”?

Maximum140’s Response:

What colour is tigger of winnie the pooh?
a) Black n White
b) Black n Orange
c) Yellow n Grey?

~Some life-changing question!~

My Response:


Her Response:

Well Done!!!!!!!! You are 1 of 10 ppl! you are the first to win so… i will get the nps to u first! All you need to do is… Reply inclosing your username and p_word to the account you would like the neopoints to be placed. then i will proseed in installing the nps to the account choosen, this may take an hour or so to complete.

A lot of people ask me for tips in what to write in their e-mail to to get their account unfrozen. Well, I figured it might be helpful to know what not to send good ol’ Iris in the event your account gets iced. Take out your notepads, kiddies, you may need to know this stuff some day. Here are the top 10 most unsuccessful things to write in an e-mail to

10. “I didn’t ask anyone for their password, I swear — I just threatened to kill them if they didn’t give it to me!”

9. “It wasn’t me that scammed all those people, my little sister got into my account! I made her write a full confession: ‘hi im matt’s sister & i scammed ppl’ SEE??”

There are many wonderful avatars that grace the Neopets site currently but there are a few that they are lacking, or at least some of us think so. Do you ever wonder why there isnt an avatar for this or an avatar for that? I know I have. One avatar I would really like to see would be a stock market avatar. Another would be a book related avatar. What about a restocking avatar?

We Neopians should get together and begin requesting those long awaited avatars from the editorial or on the chat boards until eventually some of them are released. I have a few ideas about different avatars I would like to see, I mean really see, and would even try to collect them.

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So you’ve decided to take on the Game King’s challenge, but need help getting past his annoying servant? Well, you’ve come to the right guide!

First, we’ll choose a character. If you use Abigail and beat the game, you’ll only receive 4000 neopoints. However, if you beat the game by playing AAA, her brother, you’ll win 5000 neopoints.

The number one thing that helped me most of all, while playing the game, is familiarizing myself with the keys on my keyboard, and which fingers I will be using to push them throughout the game; thus making it easy to remember which button to push when needed at the time.