Neopets Adoptables

Jetsam Adoptables Set 1

Looking for some free Neopets adoptables to spruce up your website, pet page, guild layout, shop layout, user lookup or whatever else you may have? Of course you are.

Contained here are some free-to-use adoptables. Download and use at will. Enjoy.

Neopets Podcast

The Pink Poogle Toy Show 55: Neopets Nintendo DS

What an exciting week it has been at Neopets! From the announcement of the upcoming Nintendo DS game to some really cool Neopets limited edition plushies, your hosts Mary and Kym join forces to bring forth Neopets commentary on all that is weird and wonderful.

  • The new, really cool, Neopets limited edition plushies
  • Neopets Nintendo DS: Neopets Puzzle Adventure
  • Brendon’s Petpet Park Plot Guide
  • Breaking News: Promo Code Prizes
  • Upcoming Bori Day
  • New Jetsam Colours