I’ve been playing this game ever since I became a member of Neopets (back in the dark ages when we didn’t have a stock market) and it’s still one of my favourites.

For a while, neopets put the ratio of this game down to a ridiculous 0.3 or something like that – but now they’ve got it up and running so that with a ratio of 2.81 you don’t have to get much over 400 points in the game to earn your 1000np

As with my Hasee Bounce guide, this is not an actual description of the parts of the game, and how to play it. There are other guides for that – this is more of a strategic guide with some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years.

PPT is a very fun, cheerful and helpful environment. But it is also a heavy carrier of Npdictus. Npdictus is a very, very bad disease, if you have it all you care about is making NPs. Before you click the back button just take a little while to read this. Just yesterday I concentrated on making NPs. But then I realized I was getting caught up in making NPs. I realized I came here to have fun and I am, but are my pets? I created every one of them and I used to love them. A lot of neopians were just like I was till I realized it. I’m taking my neopets for granted. If you think you mite have this serious disease here’s a few syndromes

Episode #1 brings in two new hosts, Emma and Marissa (Fiddelyquat), who join Darcie and Kym in an action-packed, insane-randomness filled show about banner ads on Neopets, Doug Dohring and his links to Scientology, the PPTbies, the Neopets Sogo event, some general information about Adam Powell and Donna Williams, immersive advertising, our theories about why Neopets goes offline, and Pokemon and its implications on Neopets.


The Neopets

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The complete guide to all of the neopets, the following pages contain vital statistics and fun facts for all those neopets junkies out there! Including descriptions and special abilities, each neopets species character is explored to leave you with an intuitive decision on what will work and what will leave you with tantrum throwing babies. With instructions on how to discover the most rare neopets in existence, you can’t go wrong with this chapter!


Those cute eyes, cute ears and cute look, how could a person not help but fall in love with these cute creatures. Their wide-eyed innocence, trusting nature and giggles has the ability to charm a bird off its branch. A perfect addition to any family, this neopet will always bring joy and hope, even during times when there seems to be no light. Perhaps it is their innocence that creates this, but this ability to give hope to anyone is perhaps the most powerful ability of all.

Destruct-o-match Hints

1. always try to get the combinations at the top of the board cleared , unless, by clicking a lower combination , the blocks will fall and make a larger combination.

2. click the combo you’re about to destroy only once ( it takes to clicks to destroy it), so you can see how big it actually is before you destroy it so you can see if it disconnects smaller combos farther up.

3. ALWAYS LOOK UP ! before and after clicking a combo look above it to see if there’s other combos that you can get out of the way.

4. when you think that there’s no more combos left, double-check, the game WON’T tell you if there’s another combo that you can clear for points.