Ever wonder which games or events are the largest money makers in Neopia? Ever wonder how to get food for your pet(s)? Here’s a guide to help you and answer your questions.

As for feeding your pets, there are different things you can do. The #1 way to do this is to go to the shops, or to the Marketplace. Remember, a piece of food is a piece of food, so leave those Neggs alone if you’re shopping just for food and grab some cheap items like Neo Crunch Cereal. Also, the giant Omelette in Tyrannia gives away a food item that can be used 3 times every day, so let’s not forget that. And for people under 1k, in shop, bank, and till, go to the Soup Kitchen to be filled up.

Well how about this. I think Neopets is unfair to a lot of people outside of the US! Like me. I’m from New Zealand.

First thing. A lot of those sponsor deals and those “Get 1,000 NP a day!” things are worthless. All of them are “sign up with our sponsor” and such while practically every single one of them I’ve seen have ONLY been for US residents. Granted, it’s not a big amount of NP but it still seems very excluding.

Timing for things doesn’t always seem too bad since things are spread out throughout the day/night. but one of the other things that annoys me is the merchandise. I’ve seen some really cute things in the merchandise, that I’d love to get my hands on.. Things in the wish list – but none of those items are available here. In fact there seems to be rather little of Neopets available here. I don’t know if that will eventually change but I saw some items that are listed ‘limited edition’ or whatever – does that mean they’ll not be available here because their stock all went to the US? I don’t know.

Once, 23 child Neopians went for a day trip to the Haunted Woods. At the end of the day, the teacher told the children to go to the fairground to spend their neopoints. He told them that he would be going back to the school and would come to collect them at 5:00 pm, so they had one hour in which to play. All Neopian children would divide into pairs and go to different activities, so without the teacher, there would be 11 pairs altogether, exactly how many activities there were at the fairground. Each pair was happy with the activities they were about to do first. This is where each pair went and what happened there:

MadiRaq and the Shoyru

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Chapter 1: Shoyru Dreams

Madison Raquel or MadiRaq for short, as she preferred to be called longingly turned the pages of her fully-illustrated Neopets Index, skimming the thick book until she found the chapter shed read countless times the Shoyru chapter.

More than anything, MadiRaq wanted a Shoyru, a cute dragon-like NeoPet. Since she was a little girl, MadiRaq had seen Neopians walking their Neopets, and very few of them were Shoyrus. But MadiRaq had seen them. On TV Shows, in magazines and books, and even once at the Neopets Pound. Why someone would abandon such a loving creature as a Shoyru she never could fathom, and MadiRaq had immediately asked her mother if they could adopt a Shoyru from the Pound.

Hello all! I have made a guide of 10 things to avoid on Neopets. These 10 are in no particular order of importance, but if you don’t want to be hacked/scammed/frozen, I suggest you avoid the following 10:

1) If you are on the message boards and you see a board called something like “My pass is google5” for instance
Ok, if you ignore it, you have lost nothing and you made the right decision. If you do decide to login to their account, yours may get frozen because the person will report you for hacking. Don’t, under any circumstances, login to any other Neopians account unless you have permission. It is a definite nono. If in doubt, always say no!