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Here are some more links to Neopets help sites if you want to check out more information.


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Affiliates are sites that are essentially partners with PPT and share in its vision of providing an excellent resource for Neopets enthusiasts!
Up-to-date Neopets news 24/7.
A general Neopets website with guides and graphics.
Neopets news, guides, free Neopets graphics with a touch of some tutorials for other Neopets site owners!
A great compact website with a great spoiler list setup. In addition to quest help and newbie tips, it gives a general overview of most aspects of the Neopets game.

Many people do not know what the Food Club is. The Food Club game can be found under the luck section of games. It is a betting game where you can bet on multiple competitors in 5 different matches. You can bet on one guy, or combine the bet and try for a bigger prize. Seem confusing? You won’t be after you read this.

Well, the payoff is determined by how long you have been playing Neopets. It is determined by this simple formula. 50 + (Number of days playing Neopets x 2)
So, if I have been in Neopets for 50 days, I can make 150 np bets. If I have been playing Neopets for 500 days I can make 1050 np bets. The payoff is also determined by the odds in each day, sometimes the odds are good and you’ll get a lot of np, if not, you get low np. My best payout in one day is 70,000 np. I have been playing Neopets for 19 months. With this guide, I will give you tips on how to make the most of your money on this wonderful np payout game.

 Green is the way User Lookup preview

Pretty up your Neopets User Lookup using our pre-made User Lookup layouts. All you need to do is click on the link below and copy + paste it into your edit screen.

Green is the way User Lookup

As you all know, I am a Kadoatie. Yes, I am one of those cat-like animals that people dote on just to get dumb sparkly trophies or shiny avatars. I am not really loved, except for the day my life began!

Squeals, pokes, screams, laughter, resonated throughout the room the day I was bought. “How cute is he!!” blurted out from my foster mom. Rhythmic noises soothed me while I was glared at. I was only given attention to until I was assigned to this giant creature. As I listened, I learned more and more. When I was 30 days old, I found out that the creature’s foster mom was a human, that the being was a Chia, I learned how to talk and understand mouth motions and sounds, and how to survive off of what little we were fed.

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Act) prohibits the storage or use of personal information from children under the age of 13, and the use of message boards.I, myself, am 12, and I have only ever seen the Neoboards in screenshots, or when watching my friend on his account. This is understandable, nevertheless annoying to the band of children that this applies to.

However, recently the ‘Edit’ button for pet pages disappeared. I was annoyed by this, as I was updating my Kyrii?s page at the time, hoping to win a site spotlight. Now that dream is shattered.

Shortly after, my ‘Break The Chain’ ad in my shop was replaced by a red X. Wondering why, I ventured into shop properties, and found that the previously HTML-enabled box had been replaced by a drop down list of corny presets. So much for a guild ad, a background (I had a really nice background on there at the time) or a cursor.