9 Steps to Success by max1234348

Secrets? No, there are no secrets to earning NPs. Just because you haven’t earned any yet doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of earning NPs. Play smart, work hard, and you’ll be a neoMillionaire in no time.

Step 1: Games
Play games. Even if you don’t “like” them, play them. They give you NPs whether you’re good at them or not. Play games–there are over 150 games; they all give NPs. I’ll say it again–play games. Got the point yet?

Step 2: Save
Don’t spend more than you have to. Keep your NPs in the Bank. If your pet is sick, go the Healing Springs in Faerieland every 30 minutes until she heals them.

Step 3: Freebies
Get free or cheap stuff and sell it. Cheap is good; free is best. Click the link on the left sidebar to get a list of all the freebies.

Step 4: Buy
Buy items from the Neopian Shops and sell them for more than you paid; that’s Restocking. Price according to the Shop Wizard.

Step 5: Sell
Sell everything. Price according to the Shop Wizard. Don’t put annoying blinking things in your Shop; it gives people a headache.

Step 6: Trade
Use Trades for items over 100,000 NPs or for multiple items together; use Auctions for items over 100,000 NPs, mostly. No one bids on junk.

Step 7: Quests
Timed Quests can sometimes give you items that resell well. But be smart as most of them won’t most of the time. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Step 8: More
TNT has made it easy to earn NPs–sign up with Sponsors, enter the Contests, do promotional giveaways, scratch or sell scratchcards, and more.
Al was particularly grouchy when she wrote this section

Step 9: Don’t
Don’t scam other users; you get reported and you lose your account. Don’t try to cheat; Neopets is not a hard game, so why would you need to? Do not beg. Earn your own NPs. Everyone else is doing it.

Begging is VERY bad.

There, that’s the basic summary of how to earn NPs. Work hard; play smart. Earning NPs is not hard. Now, read the rest of the Guide. Then you’ll know everything that I know, and knowing is half the battle!

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