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Snowmuncher Guide by Alecia aka Alecia1974

On the first level of Snowmuncher, you have enough time to get each of the green gems and many, if not all of the purple Snow Wurm gems, and you want to always get as many of these as possible as they are worth 100 points each! If you get all of the gems, you can easily get 615-750 points for the first level. After level one, get any gems that are in your path, but don’t try to get them all, or you may run out of time. Remember, Bloat Be Gone only gets rid of 50% of your bloat at a time, so you need to keep an eye on how bloated the little guy gets and how far away the next bottle is. Also keep a look out for those Frozen Eyeballs. Deiter doesn’t like eating them, but he can, and they are good for him! They can be easily mistaken for Snow Wurms if you are in a hurry though.

At the beginning of each level eat the top row and then run underneath the inverted pyramid of rows. Bite the bottom row and run back to the side, the above rows will collapse and disappear, and you won’t have to get bloated munching through them! Any time you are faced with those nasty blocks of black snow, it is better to try to go over or around them, but they are only worth two bites, so they aren’t worth going more than two blocks out of your way to avoid.

The game works a little like Destruct-o-Match in that you can eliminate large groups of blocks at one time if they are all the same color. Also, you can destroy blocks of color by dropping them on top of like colored sections.

Your connection speed really determines how agile Deiter is in this game, so you may not be able to do the following moves if your connection is slower. Deiter can run out from under bricks, so bite and run! If you need to get on the other side of a tall column of blocks that are only one or two wide, instead of trying to eat the whole thing, bite the bottom brick out (make sure you won’t fall down a hole!) and run under before the rest has a chance to drop. If you are trapped and you are about to be clomped on the head by one block, sometimes you can turn Deiter (by using the up arrow key) and eat the block before it hits him on the head. This will also work if it is a grouping of like colored blocks about to hit him, however, since it is tricky, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are stuck and don’t have a choice.

To get the purple gems away from the Snow Wurms, drop their ice block once to free them, and if you can, then drop another ice block on the Snow Wurm to get rid of it. If you can’t drop a block on it, try leading it away from the gem and then running back quickly to grab the gem. They are slower than Deiter and can be easily tricked.

I turn the music off, but I always leave the sounds on, because you will get a warning when you are running out of time (plus, I love the way Deiter yodles!). When you begin to run out of time, munch the shortest path between you and the bottom, stopping only if you NEED the Bloat Be Gone. Don’t let those gems distract you and cost you a life! – Alecia aka Alecia1974

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