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Scammer: Real Conversation by Rosie

Scamming- here is a full conversation that usually goes on between scammers and their victims. I did this as a test to show you that scammers can do this in a number of ways. Do not believe this, it was a trick I played on a scammer, showing that I was interested in what he told me. I am *~*Rio*~*, and he is kenny9905. Please be careful, this is what happened.

An original message on the general chat board.
100000 FOR FREE IN ONE DAY 1000000 FOR FREE IN ONE DAY- created by kenny9905 at3/5/2002 06:55am


What is this np thing you were talking about in the message board?


you can have 10000
i need to put it in your account
so i need your pa$$word and u$ername
(he is asking for your password!!!!!!!!! NEVER give this out!)

I make up a new account, something like sugarbabe6900-this was a spur of the minute account I created, do not do this with your real account, ALWAYS do it with a new one

it is sugarbabe6900 and my password is babies

(so far he hasnt replied, I wonder whats keeping him?!)

have you done it yet?

(he still hasnt replied. Oops, I remember that I must activate my account- unfortunately I had made up an email address, so he cannot contact me or hack into that account!)

it did not work becauseyour
u$ername is *************
and what is your
(like Im going to tell you that,mate and also surprise, surprise, it didnt work!)

it should have worked, my other account is sugarbabe6900

(he has noticed that there is no way Im giving out my real password, so I try and distract him with my other one)

I wanna get that money! U did say it was 100,000 didn’t you?

(I am now trying to distract him with thoughts of the money, he originally said 10,000 so I am trying to trick him even more)


You idiot! I have known all along that you are a scammer, and I have pasted and copied the entire conversation, put it up on all the message boards and sent it to neopets. That is not my real name, I set up that account to try and trick you into hacking me. Your days at neopets are over. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
which is actually my real name. (its not, my real name is Rosie by the way!)

This guy was frozen from neopets. Dont do this, it was a trick I set up, and it worked! ALWAYS tell if you are getting asked for your password, you saw how close I got to having my starting fee of 200NP nicked! Good luck to all the hacker beaters out there, including myself, we are protecting neopets!

A note from webmaster, please note how the scammer spelling isn’t all that great 😉

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