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The Neopian Stock Market is undoubtedly one of the best ways to gain neopoints in Neopets. Personally, I’ve amassed over 20 million neopoints using the stock market alone, and you can too.

The beginning
The Stock Market upon its advent, get this, had no restrictions on how many stocks you could buy daily! You could easily make 60 bajillion neopoints if you had the dosh ready in literally one hour. Now, Neopians are limited to 1,000 stock purchases a day. Poo!

They had no bankruptcy
Bankruptcy was unheard of in the beginning. Therefore, as long as you had the patience to wait things out, you were guaranteed to make millions of neopoints. Now-a-days, companies occasionally go bankrupt. Looks like Neopets wised up after awhile.

It still is one of the best places to make money
The stock market is one of the few areas that doesn’t discriminate against net connection speeds. Everything is ‘fair’ and if you’re willing to go for the long haul, you’ll become a multi-millionaire in no time. Guaranteed.

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