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Build a Great and Affordable NeoHome by emilyro11292

Getting a Lot

First off you have to get your land to build on. Now u can spend 25,000 points on a fairly land, or spend 1,000 points on a Neopian Central land that will, in the long run, look the same. Your choice, but because this is to have a Great but affordable NeoHome I suggest you go with the Neopian Central land.


Ok now I know that a lot of people have hallways. But really what’s the point of them? Think about it…how much time do u spend in the hallways of your home? I’ll tell you, besides actually going to a room, none. You mostly spend your time actually in a room. Yes it might not make clear sense that you have not made a way for your pets to get to each room. But really in the long run you will save points by just leaving out the hallways which would just turn into a run-down square.

Now when choosing what you build with, well, that varies. I mean some people want their rooms to be made of the same thing; while others want it to be mix matched. I personally like the rooms to be the same material. But that is just me.

You can choose between Cardboard, Straw, Twigs, Bamboo, Wood, Chocolate, Jelly, Stone, Brick, White Chocolate, Marble, Silver, Cloud, Gold and Transparishield. Wow that’s a lot. Well first lets narrow some things down. Now everything white chocolate to transparishield is more than 1,000 points. So personally I wouldn’t buy those types of rooms. Second do you really want your neopet to live in Cardboard, straw, or twigs? I wouldn’t personally. So now we are down to: bamboo, wood, chocolate, jelly, stone, and brick.

Now I don’t think I would want my pet to live in a food source. That’s just me but really chocolate melts and jelly well yeah its jelly. Ok now we are down to bamboo, wood, stone and brick. They are all affordable but also they aren’t too cheap that they will fall apart on a storm or something. That is my opinion if you like the others than be my guest to use those. ^_^

Moving In

Ok now you have to buy furniture, and put it in your room. Now this is where it gets tricky to not over spend. I first think every room should have a theme I mean you don’t want like a iron bed and then like a flower dresser? It just wont look right. Now when doing furniture you have to be flexible I mean come on furniture is NOT cheap but if you search for deals and tell your friends what your doing you might be able to save a good amount of points.


Ok now your yard. I would make sure the outside square of your land is your yard. I mean you don’t want your house right against your neighbors do you? there is not much to say about the yard only that you actually do something with it. I mean myself in the process of building am not going to build the yards until the very last because I don’t really NEED them. I can live without a yard/garden for a while because, personally, I’m going to be focused on the NeoHome not the yard as much.


Ok upgrades are going to be also one of those varying things. Also I would do this last because it will take time to gather all the points after you have already bought the furniture and everything.


Now really it just depends on the house. You want things to match so just keep that in mind.


Ok this also goes with the house. Like if you like live in a cave you might want to have like lanterns or something, but if you have like a castle of some kind you might want to go with like fine carpet or hard wood floors, something like that.


As I said it just goes with the house.


OK insurance is protecting your NeoHome. So there is nothing I can really say, besides you want a safe NeoHome right but also seriously no one can really “break in”. So this just depends on your preference of how you look at the whole “protection” thing.

OK I have told you like everything I know. I personally am still making my home but I’m going to follow these guidelines. Remember make sure that you have fun with this. Also you don’t have to follow my EXACT word I’m just giving you tips on how I think things should be done. – emilyro11292

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