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A+ Guide to Designing a NeoHome By angelic_lil_cutie303

When designing a neohome, you must know what you’re doing. You need big money to make a good, decent NeoHome. What I suggest you do is buy a lot on Mystery Island. The cheapest is Neopia *yawn* but its boooooring. Lost Desert-for me, outta the question. Too expensive for my likes, and though exotic, too HOT!!!! Terror Mountain-Not for me either, too many people can’t get a decent heating system. Haunted Woods-I guess, but when you consider that they have their own hotel Cockroach Towers, and its well… downright scary, best give it a miss. Tyrannia-not bad, just of you decide to go live there, be sure you can stand the stench of dung, and, well, I couldn’t. Faerieland-Discouragingly expensive, but it is a really good place to live, and really the only bad thing about it is the cost of living there. Again, I suggest Mystery Island. Its a good place, not really costly, and a good idea for any pet cause the temperature is not an issue, neither is the cost, or the furnishings or buildings of neighbors. I suggest you start by building a ring on the outside of the lot, a total of 14 squares. Use wood for 11 of the rooms, stone for a security room, and chocolate for the two rooms of the kitchen. Put your pet’s rooms in appropriate places, like I have a Uni, Peophin and Kacheek, My uni is going to have a tower to fly from, and my kacheek gets a garden, and I don’t know about my peophin yet. Well anyway, starting in the top left corner, and spiraling downward, number off the rooms 1 thru 20. Then put down those numbers in order straight down the left side of the floor plan and write what furnishings to add to your neohome rooms beside the numbers, each representing a room with the same number. But first write in the boxes on your floor plan, what each room will be. The total cost will be 5000 np for the wood, and about 600 for stone, 700 or so for chocolate, making the total cost of the NeoHome and rooms roughly 10,000 np. Then when you take into consideration the upgrades, there’s another 10,000 np, plus say 10,000 or so np into furniture and gardening supplies, thats 30,000 np on making your NeoHome. So don’t make a NeoHome unless you have 30,000 np TO SPARE. – angelic_lil_cutie303

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