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Chocolate Factory Restocking Guide by Jonathan Teo

Most people are rich, but why? The main reason is restocking, and one favorite spot for their restocking is… the chocolate factory!!! =0

Items deflate when they are not rare and not needed, and rises when there is a demand for them (in quests, training schools) and that they are rare.

Therefore, in the chocolate factory, you should refresh every 3 seconds for consequently 30 minutes or more. When there is a restock, do not panic and refer to the points below.

Do not buy items priced at 2500np, they are scamming items as they are not famous for quests and deflate quickly and are what you call hts (hard to sell) items.

If possible, quickly restock chocolates priced at 5000np, as they are rarity 90&above and seldom appears. For these items, you can gain nps easily as they are very rare and any of them should be able to sell at a price of 50k & above although there are some exceptions but you will certainly make a profit from it. Plus an additional bonus, you get a chocolate avatar (cool eh! other shop don’t have these!) for restocking an item that is rarity 90 & above.

Buy items that you seldom see in the shop, this will take some time but you will slowly experience the difference between common and uncommon items. For most people, they become rich by buying items that are uncommon, and sell them at a profit of 5k and above. Uncommon items are those that you seldom see and with stock of 4 items and below when they first restock.

All these takes practice to understand and so, I will let you experience it for yourself. Remember failure comes before success, and practice makes perfectSo good luck on restocking!!! (And remember: All the autobuyers and stuff are scammer programs and you will not feel anything from the profit you gain even if you escape from the Neopian team.) =)

By the way, this applies to the bakery too. And remember when you become good at restocking, dont forget to remember this guide and dont stay in the same spot, go for the magic shop! THE MORPHING POTIONS PROFITS ARE EXORBITANT! – Jonathan Teo (SlazerZ)

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