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How to Make 1 Million Neopoints in 10 Days by bebemycat

1. Play Pteri Attack. This game is simple. Stay in the middle of the screen and collect the blue
circles. Once your score gets up to 1000, take your score. Do this 3 times, and you will have 3000
np in your pocket.


2. Play Poogle Solitaire. This game is so simple. The first number is the poogle you will click on,
when he turns yellow, click on the box marked with the second number.

EX. the number is 29-17. Click on the poogle in box 29, and when he is yellow, click him over to
the blank box of 17. **COSTS 15 np to play!

YEY! 750 more np!

TOTAL NP so far: 3,735

3. Play Faerie Crossword. The answers are always on the guild web-site.
This is an Easy 600 np if you can solve it in under 5 minutes.

TOTAL NP so far: 4,335

4. EVERYDAY go to the omelette in tyrannia. Get it, and put it in your shop for 30 np. Usually sells
instantly πŸ™‚

TOTAL NP so far: 4,365

5. Play Meerca Chase. ON AVERAGE the person can score about 300 points. This three times
will make you 900 np πŸ™‚ REMEMBER! That is on AVERAGE!

TOTAL NP so far: 5,265

6. Play Wack-a-beast. The AVERAGE person can get about 300 points, thats 300 np. This 3
times is 900 np! YEY!

TOTAL NP so far: 6,195

7. Play Omelette Defender. The AVERAGE person can make about 400 np from this game, 3
times a day. Thats about 1,200 np!

TOTAL NP so far: 7,395

8. Play Kacheek Seek. Your pet will get bored after about 1000 np… so thats 1000 more np in you
bank account.

TOTAL NP so far: 8,395

9. Play Kiko Match II. The AVERAGE person can get about 200 np, thats 3 times a day and
VIOLA! 1,200 more np!

TOTAL NP so far: 9,595

10. Play Chomby and the Fungus Balls. Just avoid all the fungus balls and get the stars, and bring
them to the star pad. Depending on patience, you can earn about 500 np ON AVERAGE! Thats
1,500 a day πŸ™‚ If you are good, try for 1200 points and you will get a magical chomby plushie. This
you can easily sell for 2,000 np! So with that game you got about 3,900 np πŸ™‚

TOTAL NP so far: 13,495

11. Play Destruct-o-Match. The AVERAGE person can score about 600, so thats 300 np. That 3
times a day is 900 np!

TOTAL NP so far: 14,395

12. Play Cliffhanger. You can win 1,500 np per day πŸ™‚ We will be putting the answers up on a site

TOTAL NP so far: 15,895

13. Play Scarab 21. All you have to do is get 21 in each column. You can win 5,000 np a day from

TOTAL NP so far: 20,895

14. Play Ice Cream Factory! Just avoid the Ice Cream. On AVERAGE you can get about 800
points per round. Thats 2,400 np a day πŸ™‚

TOTAL NP so far: 23,295

15. Play Sakhmet Solitaire! Just like regular solitaire, (found on all PC computers under
accessories). You can easily make 5,000 np a day playing this game πŸ™‚

TOTAL NP so far: 28,295

16. Play Swarm! Just like the modern day game Space Invaders. You can easily get 250 a round
on AVERAGE! Thats 750 np a day!

TOTAL NP so far: 29,045

17. Play Deckswabber. Just change the colors of the tiles and you will be on your way to a 350
point per game score. That mean 1,050 np!

TOTAL NP so far: 30,095

18. Play Tug-Of-War. The codes are

Theibos = LRSLSTS
Khadir = SLTLSR
Horak = LRLRSS

You can easily make about 100 np a round. Thats 300 np a day πŸ™‚

Total NP so far: 30,395

19. Random Events You can usually find at least one item such as a codestone or an faerie, you
can sell it for 3,000 np.

Total NP so far: 33,395

20. Mystery Picture answer We will post the mystery pic answer on the message board. If you
win you could win 5,00 or 500. We will use 500 as it is more common then 5,000. You also get a
rare item which can usually be sold from, 5,000 to 50,000 NP. We will use 20,000 NP as it is in
the middle.

Total NP so far: 53,895

21. Stock Market.

The stock market is great way to make NP. At the beginning of the ten days buy 1000 shares of
stock that is currently at 15. Now you must be thinking but I just lost 15,000 NP! Yes that is true.
But leave that stock and check up on it at least 2 a day. Usually stocks double so that means you
just gained another 15,000 NP and got the NP you used before. Sometimes the stock goes farther
but usually sell at 30 is a safer bet.

Total NP so far: 68, 895

22. Faerie Employment Agency

The faerie Employment agency is a great way to make NP. If you look for jobs that make you earn
a certain point value in a game go for those first, for you get NP from the game itself and for
completing the job. Usually go for jobs at 800 to 1000 NP. You can easily do 20 jobs in one day.
You can probably do more but trying to do 20 is more efficent. So you can gain 20,000 from doing
20 jobs easily.

Total NP so far: 88, 895

23. The Alien Aisha Replicator

It is located on on the far right yellow bar. You just push 9 buttons (in any
order) and receive NP or items, I have only gotten 250 NP and have been able to play up to 1,000.

Total NP so far: 89,895

24. Dice-a-roo

Its a great game that you can win easily and there is no max plays. Play till you get to the green
die and hope you get an item. You can sell these items easily for 1,000 NP. If you get neggs turn
them into the neggery and get a more valuable negg to sell.

Total NP so far: 94, 895

25. Daily, hourly events.

These are easy money makers. Tombola can give you Booby prizes but also np. He can also give
you codestones, items and faeries. Sell those. Coltzans Shrine may make you rich anywhere from
1 NP to a million, he may give you dubloons to sell. The fruit machine can too. Healing Springs
you Should do every 45 minutes. Make her heal your pets. She may give you potions to sell. Visit
the Snowager for items to sell and also the omelette you can sell also. Usually you can sell the
omelette for 30 NP, but if you get a Tomato omelette you can sell that for 200 NP easily. Also
collecxt your intrest from the bank. So you can easily get at least 5,000 in one day.

Total NP so far: 99,895

26. Money on the floor.

Yes you can find np on the floor. Just keep moving around the site. The least you can find is 5 Np
and the most is 1,000. Here is a hint… Donate Junk to the Money Tree! Then you will get more
random events!

Total NP so far: 100,895+
27. Play Volcano Run
The AVERAGE person can get about 1000 points per round… thats 750 np a day πŸ™‚
Total NP so far: 101,645

28. If you wish to cut the amount of time greatly to get a million NP look on the shop wizard,
auctions, and trading post for rare items that you can get cheaply. Also the guild gives away many
items for free that you can sell off. Or you can play games not mentioned or even sign up for
sponsors and get NP that way.

Do this plan every day for 10 days straight and you will be rich! – bebemycat

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