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The Neopian Stock Market by vinyson41

So, youve heard a heap about the stock market but are totally confused about how to play it? Well heres a little something that you might want to consider reading:

There are three main ways in which you can play the Neopian Stock Market. But first a few general tips.

Dont listen to what that Chia guy has to say cause he is always wrong J
Try and buy 1000 shares per day to maximize your profits
Keep an eye on your shares by visiting the market once a day at least.
The stock market should not be your only form of earning nps. Personally I play a few games and what not every day to make sure I have enough spending money.

If you make a heap of money in one trade, dont go out and spend all the money right away. Keep some of it so you can keep investing in the market.
The lowest a share can go is 15nps a piece. And the highest is 150nps a piece.
You need money to make money on the stock market. If you dont have much you wont make much. ie if you only have 6,000nps you wont make much at all. But if you have 300,000nps you can make loads

Ok, now that you know a little things here are the three ways in which you can play the stock market:

Go to the bargains section and buy shares in a stock that is at 15nps each. Continue buying in this share everyday till it goes up. It will take at least 3 or 4 days for a share to go up a few points. This method is particularly good if you dont have many nps or you have just started playing the stock market because it gives you a good idea of how things work.

Buy any share when it hits 15 and keep buying it whilst it is on 15. Once it goes above 15 stop buying that share and look for another one that is on 15 and buy it. Do this everyday or until you run out of nps. Then once your shares have hit 15 20 sell them and you will make a lot of nps. It takes about a month for these shares to go up by that much but it will happen. This method takes a really long time and you need a lot of nps for it to work so it is best for people who have been playing a while and have plenty of nps to spare.

This is the way I play. Its the most risky but you can make loads of nps from it. Buy shares in BOOM when they are below 35. and sell them once they hit 60. This method is best suited for those people who have lots of nps and who are online a lot. BOOM never usually stays below 35 for long so whilst it is below buy 1000nps a day. Sometimes it may stay above 60 so a few minutes and other times it will stay there for a week or so. This method works because the stock market has a pattern. Once every 3-5 months, I’m not sure, BOOM hits a whopping 140 odd. And every so often it falls below 20nps a piece. – vinyson41

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