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Your NeoHome by Destroyeron

Here you’ll find the way to make a neohome. It will take time and some planning, but you could make your neohome the best on the block.

Planning and Saving

Before you start to make your neohome you need to decide on many things.
1. Where is you neohome going to be located? There are many locations you can choose to have your neohome at. Choose the one that fits you. I am personally saving for FaerieLand.
2. How much is it going to cost me? It depends on where you are going to live and how many rooms you are planning to have. Estimate 50,000 or more for a decent size and nicely decorated neohome.

Designing and Building

Then you need to decide on what your layout is going to be like. Heres a few tips and suggestions:
1. Make a layout of how you would exactly like each room to look like. I would recomend using a sheet of paper and labeling each room and then have a whole piece of paper for each room where you will “decorate” it. Customise each room to your pets likeness.
2. Make a room for each neopets you have, you if you want, a kitchen, dining room, family room, entertainment room and maybe if you have extra nps a storage room or garage.
3. Do one room at a time. Don’t try to do your whole neohome at once. It will be too confusing and if your making neopoints as is for your neohome you won’t be able to get 1 room done as fast.
4. Be yourself. Make tings to you and your pets likings.

Thats all it takes to make a neohome. Just some nps and a little imagination can turn out some really fantastic rooms. Good Luck!

Feel free to neomail me. – Destroyeron

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