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Stock Market: Raising Your Portfolio the Hard Way by Darkshadowex

I see many people asking, How many neopoints should I put into the Stock Market? Well that is a fairly easy question to answer. The more you invest, the more the profit. So try to buy 1,000 shares every day. Of course then I hear people complaining, I dont have enough neopoints to buy that many! There is an easy solution to this, work hard every day. In the next 2 paragraphs Ill explain how to raise your portfolio.

Ok, first off. As I said before, always buy 1,000 shares a day. The hard part is getting the money. Go to the shop wizard and (just as in the stock market) buy low and sell high in order to make a profit. Look for things people want like dubloons, codestones, ect. If you find one cheap, rush, rush, rush to buy it before someone else gets to it. Once you have the item, put it in your shop at a higher price so you make a profit. The second way to make neopoints is to play games. I personally make about 4,000 a day off of games alone. Find some youre good at (for me its Volcano Run, Meerca Chase, and Gadgadsgame) and play until you hit the max amount of times you can play a day.

Now for the part about the Stock Market. You have the neopoints, now buy the 1,000 shares. Look for the cheapest stocks and invest. You would probably want to buy shares from a stock that was once at a really high price. Dont try buying stocks that are at 70np a share, for one thing they are very costly (they make a huge dent in you wallet) and they are more likely to drop in price. Unlike stocks at 15np they are as cheap as they get, and they cant go down in price much further, so they go up.

This concludes my quick guide on building your portfolio. If you have any questions my neopets username is Darkshadowex. So follow my advice and be a Stock Master. Just remember, always buy 1,000 shares a day and always be patient for the stocks to rise. It will happen. – Darkshadowex

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