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Wingoball Guide by aikuhimeheathe

Important things to remember in this game is not to try the same thing over and over, you won’t get different results. Do, however take advantage of the unlimited ball count while playing.

Red hatted Gnomes will take your ball and Green hatted gnomes bounce it, which can be bad or good.

Level One

Place your mouse about three inches from the bottom.

Level Two

Place mouse on the third plant from the left.

Level Three

Place mouse about a third of a centimeter below the second (from the left) small plant at the opening and wait for the green hatted gnomes to pass it on their way down.

Level Four

Place mouse halfway between the score and level type in the green area and wait until all the gnomes begin to move up together.

Level Five

Place mouse one centimeter above the O in score.

Level Six

Simply aim straight ahead and wait for the red hatted gnomes to get out of the way.

Level Seven

Place mouse just as close to above the E in end game without ending your game.

Level Eight

Place mouse a centimeter below the upper right hand corner and time the release for when the gnomes are all heading towards the lower area, or release balls like crazy until one goes through, balls are unlimited!

Level Nine

In the opening above the line of red hatted gnomes place your mouse in the center, wait until green gnomes are clear of area and release. – aikuhimeheathe

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