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Korbat’s Lab Guide by original_sin59

Korbat's Lab screen shotKorbat’s Lab is a fairly easy game. but I have a few tips that will help you last longer.

ALWAYS remember that you are faster than the ball, but NEVER make yourself move from corner to corner to hit a ball, you will lose.

It’s fairly easy to change the balls direction, but fairly hard to change its angle. to change it, slide your paddle under the ball so that it just hits the end closest to the desired side of the screen.

If you think the ball is going to hit a Korbat, IMMEDIATELY get under it. chances are, it will go slightly to the left or right so you will be ready.

If you didn’t know already, the clock on the right side shows your lives, and yes, 0 does count as a life.

I wont go through all the potions and their effects (besides, I believe PPT already has something like that), but here’s a list of the main ones you’ll see most often:

  • Blue: Slows down your paddle
  • Light purple: Makes your paddle bigger
  • Red: Allows the ball to go through the metal blocks (but sometimes can really screw up the structure of a level so it’s impossible to beat)
  • Skull: AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Instant game over.

Note: anything flashing is USUALLY good (not always, but usually).

One more thing. I found a bit of an error/problem. If the last box you hit in a level is a firebox, the level will end and the fire will rain down in the next level. If it touches a box, you wont be able to advance to the next level. Does anyone know how to avoid this? Because its pretty much impossible to beat level 22 or 23 with it, and it always cuts my score short at about 9500, and I’ll still have my full four lives. anybody?

Update by Kasia

I noticed that at the bottom of the Korbat’s Lab help page, a user said something about not advancing, and their information wasn’t quite correct. If the last box hit on the previous level (i.e. 20) was a fire or bomb, then after hitting all the boxes on the next level (i.e. 21), you usually cannot advance because the fire or bomb took out some boxes, but because you haven’t hit them, the game thinks they are still there, but because they are not, you cannot advance.

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