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Kiko Match Tips

Mastering Kikomatch

The basic stratagy is to play every single day. You will see that you get better. Start from the top left kiko and the one on its right. then go to the next two. If you find a match, match them up then continue going two by two where you left off. also, when you have three in a row at the bottom (near end of game, and one somewhere else (so u have 2 pairs left) it seems to be that of the three (going left to right) the first and third match and the 2nd and the other match. (this happens approx. 75% of the time) also, concentrate on correctness more than speed. (although speed is important too) – Debra

Kiko Match, the game of chance

Though mainly a game of chance KiKo Match needs skill to get you through. The most part of Kiko Match depends on the randomness of the game. The cards are set up randomly. There is nothing you can do to help this. Once the game begins click on the upper left card first, then second from left, then third then fourth etc. If you see one that you have already seen go back. Its easy to win. Just keep going, never stop! – Queen Forever

Use abbreviations

I draw a small grid, and as I match (or don’t match) I write the corresponding letters into each grid; G,R,BT,BS,Y,YS. That way I don’t have to remember.

G=green, R=red, Y=yellow small smile, YS=yellow big smile, BS=blue smile, BT=blue tongue 🙂 – Josaphine Lewis

Good strategy

I’m a frequent player of Kiko Match (no, really… it’s scary…o.O), and I find the easiest way to get all the kikos in the right amount of time, is to follow the following pattern (or at least something close to it).

XXXX <-This is how it looks when you first start.

4231 <-Your first four clicks. Usually you’ll be able to get at least one pair by this point.

8675 <-You get it? Sorta? cool.

Keep going like that, and you should be able to get through quickly. Just remember, again, “Small Yellow, Big Yellow” 😉 That’s usually what gets people. Hopefully this helps! – Dragon Heart

Don’t waste time

The easiest way I can think of to play kiko match, is to make the game screen smaller (if you can) on your computer. Just drag the corner and it seems to be a whole lot faster for me! –

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