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Faerie Cloud Racers Guide by Julia Hoban

As I was checking up on the news one day, I found that Neopets had released a new game.

“Cloud racers?” I said. “Well, it’s worth a shot.”

Eventually, I found myself spending hour after hypnotic hour moving the little floud, meekins, or miamouse around the track. Now, as a professional cloud racer, I will teach you the tips and tricks of this wonderful game.

First, every racer has a different style. The battle faerie is generally pretty easy to box in. The space faerie is a little more difficult, but has basically the same movement style as the battle faerie. The fire faerie usually starts away from the wall, making it even trickier to close her off. The hardest is the dark faerie, with a complicated combination of swirls and turns. Now that we have addressed each opponent, let’s move on to how to beat them.

My best tip is, “Try to box in your opponent before they have a chance to do the same to you.” You can easily cut someone off by moving your cloud racer in front of them. If your opponent starts on one end of the wall, just go straight toward them and, at the last minute, go up. If your opponent goes under the center starting line, do the same. Try to copy your opponent’s moves, as you will get a better idea of where they generally go, and begin to build up your own strategies.

Oh yes, I suppose you’re wondering how to beat the petpets? Well, here’s a hint. They usually have the same movement styles as the faeries above them, varying in a few ways. I also find the petpets to be a lot slower.

Well, I hope I’ve helped you out in playing the hypnotic, meerca chase like cloud racers. Just remember: know where the faeries generally go, and you will have an easier time boxing them in. – Julia Hoban

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